The principles processing of personal data

Everyone in our company regards personal data as a value information and we deal with them according to it. Please, read how we approach to protection of personal data. If you do not agree with any point, please contact us.

Personal data Administrator

Administrator of personal data is:

M40 8BB 
Contact to person responsible for protection of personal data:


Processing purposes of your personal data

We process your personal data for following purposes:

Processing purpose Legal title
1) Order arrangement Execution of contract1
2) Complaint arrangement Execution of contract2
3) Answering to your questions through our contact center Authorized interest3
4) Targeted offer of our goods and services Agreement4
5) Marketing special offers Agreement5
6) Evaluation of shopping satisfaction Agreement6
7) Loading and administration of your customer account  Agreement7
8) Improving of our web based on anonymous data by its use  Authorized interest8

1 Viz Regulation GDPR, Article 6, Paragraph 1b) 
Viz Regulation GDPR, Article 6, Paragraph 1b) 
Viz Regulation GDPR, Article 6, Paragraph 1f) 
Viz Regulation GDPR, Article 6, Paragraph 1a) 
Viz Regulation GDPR, Article 6, Paragraph 1a) 
Viz Regulation GDPR, Article 6, Paragraph 1a)
Viz Regulation GDPR, Article 6, Paragraph 1a) 
Viz Regulation GDPR, Article 6, Paragraph 1a)

Presenting and automated processing

In our marketing campaigns we provide presenting and automated processing only for purpose of targeted offer of your goods and services – we want to offer you only the relevant ones and do not disturb you with useless things. We do not use presenting and automated processing for purpose of automated deciding, which would have legal effects or disturb you somehow.

Content of personal data processing

We process only the necessary data to offer you quality goods and services according to your needs. 

Personal data Processing purpose
First name, Surname, Addressing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Sex 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Address for sending of order goods 1, 2
Invoice address 1, 2
Phone number 1, 2
E-mail address 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Order history 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
History of inviting our web 4, 5, 8
History of activities in e-mail campaigns 4, 5
Cookies 1, 4, 5, 7, 8

Receivers and processor of personal data

We protect your personal data like and eye in the head and we do not sell it to a third person! To be able to offer you the best products and services according to your needs, we choose reliable suppliers and use quality third-party tools. They use your personal data only for targeted addressing or improving of products and services quality. These are in the list below. 

Title Country Processing purposes
Facebook US 4, 5
DoubleClick by Google US 4, 5
Google Analytics US 8
MailChimp US 4, 5
Etnetera Activate a.s. CZ 4, 5






Transferring of personal data to third countries is not a seller of goods. On the web side we present offers of individual sellers from Asia, whose are sending the products for free directly to the customer address. Arranging of this service requires to transfer your personal data for processing outside of the EU countries. However, the transfer is in accordance with legal requirements and in any case the protection of your personal data is ensured. Specifically, these are the cloud services (data store) of the relevant US suppliers (see the table below) and the direct seller of the goods you ordered (Asia, Taiwan).

Period of saving personal data

We only process your personal data for the necessary time, which varies according to the purpose of processing:

Processing purpose Period of saving personal data
Order arrangement (1) The longest 2 years from issuing of invoice
Complaint arrangement (2) The longest 1 year from ending of complaint proceedings
Question from contact center (3) The longest 60 days from answered a question
Targeted offer of goods and services (4) The longest 30 days from agreement appealing
Marketing special offers (5) The longest 30 days from agreement appealing
Evaluation of offer satisfaction (6) The longest 30 days from agreement appealing
Administration of your customer account (7) The longest 30 days from agreement appealing
Analysis of web activity (8) 26 months

In case of your agreement for direct marketing we evaluate your activity (opening e-mail, clicks on link in it) and If you do not show any activity for more than 12 months, we consider if for unsubscribe and you are removed from database.

 If you remove your agreement, we immediately cancel to process your personal data, the period 30 / 60 days are mentioned because of synchronicity of data between used system and removing of personal data from all backups.

Principles for using cookies

To make it easier to use our web side we use cookies files, which are small data files saving on your PC disk. We use cookies data to get more how our web is used and optimize it. Cookies data could show e.g. if you used our web in the past or you are a new visitor. 

If you do not want to receive cookies data, you can delete all cookie files from your PC disk, block its receiving in anonymous mode and the cookies are automatically deleted during the browse closing. For more information browse in helpdesk chapter about cookies:

Closer description about individual cookies categories 

Necessary cookies (Type 1)  

Basic cookies are necessary to make our web fulfill its basic function. These cookies data enable navigation on web and use of requirements, e.g. access to secured web fields, basket content, user registration, etc. We could not provide services without cookies, which enable operation of this web.

Into this category fall these cookies:

Analytic and efficiency cookies (Type 2) 

Cookies regarding to performing collect anonymous information how our customers use our web. These cookies show us, how the interaction works between visitor and our web, because visited fields, time spending on web and presence of potential problems, e.g. wrong report. This information helps us to improve performing of our web. These cookies can not collect information about user activities on other webs.

Into these category falls these cookies:

Function cookies (Type 3)

These cookies enable to improve comfort and effectivity of web and make various functions accessible. In function cookies is possible to adjust language setting.

Into this category fall these cookies:

Cookies for targeted advertising and marketing (Type 4)

These cookies are used for displaying of advertising, which is relevant for user and his interests. These cookies are also possible to use for saving and measuring of effectivity of advertising campaign, the customer introduced during the visiting of web. Thanks to it it´s better to communicate with potential advertisers. Our company uses this type of cookies for marketing purpose (at fist visit of our web you have possibility to allow using this cookies). 

With your agreement we use gained information to analysis your activity on our web and also for displaying of specific advertising of some products. We believe, this function is beneficial, because we will display only the advertising or content according to your needs.

Into these category falls these cookies:

Your rights in connection with the protection of personal data

Your personal data are sensitive information, so you have right to know, how we use them. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you need:

Links for legislation

We always proceed in agreement with in force legislation, which you can find in following links:

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Setting of privacy
We use cookie files to adapt the content and advertising, provide social media function and analyze attendance of our web for individual users. We share information about your work on web with our partners for social media, advertising and processing of analysis in conformity with Principles of processing personal data documents. In a part „Setting of cookie files, you can set your preferences. By using it you agree with cookie files.