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Precious plant Lithops Pseudotruncatella is also so-called live stones. On the first sight its compared to stones, it will surprise you when the blossoms bloom, the blossoms plays many colors shaped like daisy. There are not two same plants here, variety will fascinate you as well.

  • Package contains 100 seeds.
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Product description Live Stones - Plant, 100 Seeds

  • Live stones are easy to grow in a flat as room flowers.
  • Ideal for forgetful grower, it holds a long time without water.
  • Package contains 100 seeds.

Suitable conditions for growing:
Lighter post, ideal on the direct sunlight, when it loses the light it turns to pale in the shallow bowl, airy soil with addition of gravel (e.g. substrate for cactus with moderate sour reaction pH 6–; flowerpot should be wide, shallow, with high layer of drain) watering should be soft, e.g. pluvial

Description of growing:

Winter: Lively stones grow, through centre of two-leaf it´s forced by carry of future flower, which carries other leafs. At the end of the winter in aperture among leafs, the new body appear. Don´t water it at this time, because shed the skin. If the leafs take off and we see the new one, we start with the watering, after the substrate dries out. The temperature shouldn´t falls under the 10°C.
Spring - autumn: We water very slightly, during the summer we increase a little the watering and finish in September. If we excessive the watering, it becoming rotting. Don´t manure it. Suitable setting for lively stones is common room temperature, at the outdoor post from 10 °C to 28 °C. After the increasing of watering, lately in May it shows up in aperture among leafs, which are similar to daisy. Young flowers of lively stones are in blossom after two or three years.

We replant rarely, only if the soft roots are spread around the whole flowerpot, best time is during the vegetative rest.

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